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Lookroom. A new dimension of Fashion.

Create an interactive VR showroom for showcasing your products. Lookroom is the easiest and fastest way of creating an XR Fashion app and bringing your products to the Metaverse. Create your Metaverse lookbook with us!

Send us your products,

invite the Lookroom team for a VR photoshoot or digitize your products yourself.

Use the platform

Add the content to the Lookroom platform and we will create a personalised VR app showcasing your products.

Enjoy Metaverse

Share your virtual showroom with your clients and partners all over the world. Manage your collection through our CMS.

See Lookroom in action!

Lookroom is a Metaverse equivalent of a Lookbook. Thanks to virtual reality you can showcase your products to your clients and partners in a realistic and interactive way.

Creating a VR Fashion showcase has never been easier. Our tech is perfect for digitizing and showcasing fashion and sculpture. However, Lookroom is flexible. It can even serve as educational tool for digitizing and archiving the students’ works.

Why it’s cool

See what Lookroom is all about

We will quickly and effectively build a VR app for you.

A new way of showcasing your products

We blur the line between online and offline shopping. See your products in VR at your fingertips.

Experiencing fashion with all your senses

Experience a virtual fashion show without leaving your home. Stand face to face with a digitized model.

Easy to manage

Crreate your own Lookroom – define collections, add and edit products, cathegories, prices etc. You can have you collections always with you.

Everything in one place

We use Stripe, an ideal solution for fashion designers.

why lookroom

Our partners about Lookroom

The VR photos reflect reality perfectly. It’s a great solution, especially for my clients from outside of the capital. Thanks to Lookroom all of the products available in my store can be experienced from every angle in VR. I’m sure it’ll help them to make a better decision.

Maciej Zień, designer

With Lookroom I can show a client my whole collection using just one VR app.

Jacob Birge, designer

LookRoom lets us meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Łukasz Jemioł, designer

VR and AR is the future. Soon we will all have to deal with it. It’s cool that our students can create such things during workshops.

Krzysztof Kijanka, VR workshop tutor

See how Lookroom works for yourself. Download a free demo for Oculus Quest 2 or HTC Flow.

Maciej Zień about Lookroom
Jacob Birge about Lookroom

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